Trick or Treat?

It is trick-or-treat time again. Still prepare candies and jack-o-lanterns for your kids? Why not try something different this time. Thought have nothing to do with spooky stuff, Chinese pumpkin dishes may probably make your Halloween celebration this year more special. Don’t forget treating those ‵little ghosts′ with the dishes, even candies can’t stop their tricks!

Being tasty source of vitamins and minerals, pumpkins are frequently used in Chinese cooking, and are prepared in a great variety of ways, from rice, entrées, soups to dissert and dim sum.

Steam Pumpkin Pork Ribs with Black Beans

After being pickled with light soy sauce, sugar, corn flour and yellow wine for two hours, the finely chopped ribs, black beans and mashed onions together with thick pieces of pumpkin are steamed for 20 minutes. Get tired of steam pork ribs? Try this one with pumpkin in it; it is nothing but a perfect dish for your Halloween celebrations. 

Abalone & Mixed Mushrooms in pumpkin bowl

An exclusive dish rich in nutrition and contains various kinds of vitamins. After being scalded in boiling water for a while, abalones and mixed mushrooms are put into a steamed pumpkin bowl, filling with thicken abalone sauce.


Steam Rice in Pumpkin Bowl

Chinese people really make full use of pumpkin bowl and fill it with all kinds of stuff. This time is rice. Rice and stir fried bites of sausage. Chicken. mushrooms and celery are filled into the bowl, seasoning with chicken powder and light soy sauce.  Again steam the whole pumpkin for 30 minutes and enjoy the dish.

Minced Chicken & Pumpkin Soup

A gently sweet and smooth thick pumpkin soup with minced chicken breast and onion. Seasoned with pepper, ginger, sugar and salt. Pinch of coriander and medlar are added on top to bring out more savory.

Red Bean Pumpkin Cake

A gently sweet and sticky steamed pumpkin pastry filled with mashed red bean, being served as dissert after meals or dim sum when drinking tea. You may have seen these little pumpkins in some Cantonese restaurants.