Stir-Fry the Savory Life

Stir-fry is a common Chinese cooking technique used because of its fast cooking speed. Stir-fry dishes are usually mixtures of a wide range of vegetables and meats, which are spread around the sides of wok, and are quickly cooked over high heat in a small amount of oil, tossed and turned in the center.

There are variations, of course, but the basic pattern for many Chinese stir-fry dishes are basically the same:

1. Pre-heat the pan or wok (a drop of water will sizzle when it's hot enough).

2. A small amount of cooking oil is then poured down the side of the wok, followed by dry seasonings (including ginger and garlic).

3. At the first moment the seasonings can be smelled, meats are added and tossed, then once the meat is seared, vegetables, noodles, along with liquid ingredients (soy, vinegar, wine, salt and sugar) are added. Repeat tossing and turning all ingredients for a moment.

4. Cover the wok for a moment so that water in liquid ingredients can steam off.

In some dishes, or if the cooking conditions are inadequate, different components may be stir fried separately before being combined in the final dish. Some dishes that require more time are cooked by adding a few dashes of water after the stirring. Then the wok is covered with a lid. As soon as steam starts to come out from under the lid, the dish is ready.


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