Autumn's Golden Greats

Autumn is a wonderful time when Nature is preparing for a nice long winter sleep, but before it all goes, it shows off all of its beauty with myriads of bright colors, among which golden being the most charming one.

Golden autumn is not necessarily about falling leaves and maturing wheat. For an autumn outing, bring with you some golden snack food from different parts of China, which will give you the best enjoyment of color, aroma and taste in a golden autumn. 

A great variety of golden snack food can be easily figured out among various regional categories; some of them might sound familiar to you, such as egg tart and spring roll; though FCN would like to recommend you dishes that are not so common in the US.

Deep fired three kinds of stuffed is one of the most popular street food in Hong Kong . Fish pastes are filled into various kinds of ingredients, egg plants, green pepper, tofu, and bitter melon being the most usual ones. Other ingredients used to prepare the stuffed include mushroom, wonton skin, and sausage. Usually the stuffed is fried in a pan; people pick up three different kinds of the stuffed with a bamboo stick, and eat with special-made sauce.


Deep Fry Three Kinds of Stuffed

Fry Tofu Stuffed is also a Popular Choice.

Thanks to the inventive Cantonese, milk has been possible to be fried since a long time ago. To prepare the dish, you need fresh milk, eggs, cornstarch, baking powder and sugar. Crispy outside and soft inside, plus the unforgettable aroma, you should never miss such a savory.


Deep Fry Milk

Inspired by its crush shape, the dish is one kind of celebration food during the traditional Chinese New Year in southern China. It is also a popular snack while drinking tea. There are both salt and sweet egg crush. Authentic egg crush is made with egg, flour, sesame, baking powder, and preserved bean sauce; however, some people at home just make it simply by frying wonton skin

Egg Crush for Traditional Chinese New Year Celebration.

People in Northeastern China just love this dessert. Besides banana, other ingredients like sweet potato, apple, taro, Chinese yam, lotus seeds and salted yolk are also used. When prepare the dessert, you cut the bananas into chunks, dip in flour and deep fry until golden brown. Then dissolve the sugar in the water; bring to a boil over high heat, still stir until solid enough to be pulled out as sugar thread. Dip the chunks into the high-temperature molten sugar quickly and serve. Before eating, dip the chunks into cold boiled water to cut the sugar thread and cool down the dish.


Banana in Hot Toffee

As it is called, it is a popular street food in Tianjin, a city next to the capital. With the golden color and thick flavor, the dough twist is characterized by its pleasant savor, crispness and lusciousness. In the center of each Dough Twist, there is a crisp bar made up of assorted ingredients: sesame, peach kernels, melon-seed kernels, greengages, sweet-scented osmanthus, blue and red sugar filaments, essence water and so on. After the Dough Twist takes shape, it is to be put in the peanut oil and deep fried with slow fire, mixed with rock candies, blue and red sugar filaments, melon strips and others.

Tianjin Fry Dough Twist

It is a royal snack during Qing dynasty and is especially favored by Dowager Empress Cixi. Never need to be frightened by the dessert’s Chinese name-- lü da guen—literately means donkey rolling on the mud. The mochi which is rolled in red bean paste are coated with bean powder, which is just like a donkey is rolling on mud. The dessert is characterized by its gently sweet taste and its tender and sticky texture. 


Lü Da Guen (Red Bean and Mochi Rolled in Bean Powder)  

Lü Da Guen was Once a Kind of Royal Snack in Qing Dynasty.