An Asian Twist on Omelet

Besides using in western omelet, egg is also a versatile wrapper for many of the Chinese dishes. From oyster omelet to egg dumplings, for breakfast or for light dish, many variations just exist in the Chinese egg wrap category. Put away your Spanish omelet for a while and have a try of its counterparts from the Far East.

Oyster omelet

Oyster omelet is originated in Fujian and is now popular in places with Fujianese influences such as in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan (where it is often sold in night markets).

The dish consists of an omelet with a filling primarily composed of small oysters. Starch is mixed into the egg batter, giving the resulting egg wrap a thicker consistency. Depending on regional variation, a savory sauce may then be poured on top of the omelet for added taste. Spicy or chili sauce mixed with lime juice is often added to provide an intense taste.

Oyster pancake is also favored by many southern Chinese, and is more usually served in restaurants as dishes rather than on the street as snack food. Usually there is no sauce accompanying the pancake.

Chinese Pancake Sandwich

It’s really a popular breakfast as well as street snack in Northern China, especially the capital and cities around. The main ingredient for the Chinese Pancake Sandwich is mung bean powder, which should be beaten up to paste. The paste is then spread out to be a pancake, which looks like lotus leaf and is thin and soft as paper. Rolled with crisp fried dough sticks (You Tiao), daubed with sauce and reserved bean curd, sprinkled with shredded scallion and sesame, the pancake sandwich ought to be folded in the middle and it tastes delicious and flavorful with strong aroma. If an egg is spread and added, the Chinese Pancake Sandwich will taste more fresh, tender and savory. 

Egg Pudding

Egg dumplings usually go in the Chinese clay pot with soup, and are perfect for a light meal or a starter course. The commonest ingredients are pork and Chinese cabbage.

To prepare the dish, mix minced pork with arrowheads, scallions, ginger, shrimps, cornstarch, and oil. Stir to blend well. Beat the eggs and add in some salt, then divide egg and pork mixture into numbers of potions as you like. Pour in one portion of the egg and swirl it around to make a very thin pancake, immediately add a portion of the pork mixture into the center of the egg pancake. Fold up the pancake into a crescent dumpling with the pork fillings inside. Repeat the steps until all the dumplings are made. Finally boil the dumplings with the cabbage leaves by simmering over low heat for 5 minutes. Freeze them for later, or use them right away in a hot pot or soup.

Egg Roll

The egg roll is probably another variant of the famous and familiar spring roll - now a fast food of the Western world, though most of the time it is steamed rather than is deep-fried, with an extremely moist and succulent texture. Fillings could be various, mixture of pork and mushroom being the commonest one.

To prepare egg roll with pork, stir-fry the pork and mushroom for 1-2 minutes, add all the seasonings including soy sauce, Shaoxing rice wine, salt, white pepper and sugar, mix well. Remove to a plate and chill in the fridge at least 1 hour before wrapping. To make pancakes, combine the beaten eggs, salt and sifted flour and blend. Heat a skillet with little oil to thinly coat the bottom, carefully pour in enough batter to make a thin pancake. Place about 2 tablespoons of the filling onto each pancake and roll up. Deep fry the rolls until golden brown, cut into slices and serve.

Rice Omelet

Besides in the west, rice omelet is also a popular dish in many Asian countries. Both ingredients and preparation ways in these countries are quite similar, though different seasoning and sauce will be used. The Chinese style of rice omelet is like wrapping various kinds of fried rice with sautéed egg roll skins. The commonest ingredients include finely chopped bites of ham, chicken, shrimp, green bean, sweet corn, onion, carrot and mushroom. Unlike the western style of rice omelet, no milk and butter is used in Chinese rice omelet. Tomato ketchup is often added when stir fry the filling; also it is spread on top of the egg wrappers to bring out a richer taste.