Ice Lantern: Add Fun To The Freezing Days

The temperature in Harbin, a northeastern city in China, reaches forty below zero, and stays below freezing nearly half the year. Rather than suffer the cold, the Harbinese have always known how to exploit and make the most out of their situation, using ice and snow in various amazingly creative ways. The annual outdoor festival of ice lantern could be seen as the best representative. .  

Ice sculptures first came into being as a traditional Chinese art form during the early Qing dynasty some 350 years ago. Making the ice sculpture is a relatively straight forward process, especially in these freezing temperatures. When the idea first came into being, a colored lantern was placed inside a carved ice block, to make a lantern-like structure.

Various techniques have been applied and developed over the years, making the lantern into a more intricate and interesting shape, including landscapes, buildings, human and animal figurines. In order to get the utmost effects, people also make full use of modern technology, such as light, sound, color and electronic equipment.