Season’s Greeting From The Flower Porch

Lunar New Year Fair (also called the Flower Fair) is a fair held annually a few days before Lunar New Year in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Traditional Chinese household believes that having live flowering plants at home during this festive season will symbolize rebirth and new growth. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have flowers and floral decorations. Therefore, local residents, old and young, take to the streets to see the flowers and return home with some of the flowers to decorate their houses has become a custom of the Lunar New Year celebration. 

Flower Fair usually opens one week before the Chinese New Year and will finish at 12 pm of the New Year’s Eve. The crowd peaks at a few hours before the midnights of the New Year’s Eve, and the stall tenders would try to sell all their stocks in these few hours before the fair closes. It is really a big deal: one week before the New Year’s Eve, traffic in a number of streets will be controlled, where shelves and booths are built for the flower farmers to sell flowers. These flower shelves stand closely and stretch forward, forming a flower porch. At the entrance or exit of every market, colorful boards will be erected.

Shopping in Flower Fair, most people love to choose bulk flowers one by one carefully. People could take any flower they like and bargain with the flower traders.  New Year flowers mainly consist of peach blossoms, chrysanthemum, daffodils, orchid, coxcomb, peony and rose etc. Peach blossom is a very important plant to the Cantonese and HK Chinese. Farmers spend months growing and nurturing them carefully, cutting them just a few days before so that they will blossom during the New Year period.  The trick is to have these flowers blossom right on New Year’s Day itself, neither a day early nor a day late. If this happens, these little pink flowers will assure the businessman great wealth and prosperity in the year to come, or if you are a young gentleman or beautiful lady, romance will definitely come your way.

Mandarin orange is another symbolic plant holding a special significance at Chinese New Year. Oranges are symbolic of wealth. The green leaves of this plant symbolize wealth as the word Luk (“green”, in Cantonese) rhymes with the Chinese word for wealth. Finally the shapes of the small oranges are a symbol of unity and perfection.

The end section of flower porch is a place for selling aquatic animals like goldfish and some other breeds for admiration, as well as antiques, shelves, ceramics, lacquers, balloons, craftworks, goods for celebrating New Year’s eve and toys etc., and you can buy anything you need for Spring Festival.