Nunchaku, an Asian Style

A Nunchaku is two sections of wood (or metal in modern incarnations) connected by a cord or chain. The art of stick fighting with Nunchakus has lasted through centuries and is today practiced by people throughout the world. It has stood the test of time due to their effectiveness, lightweightness and affordability.

Various sizes, materials and colors can be found. Most Nunchakus are made of metal, plastic or wood and are attached by a chain or a rope. Surprisingly, as small and lightweight as this weapon is, it is a powerful one.

Chinese Nunchakus tend to be rounded, whereas Japanese are octagonal. The ideal length of each piece should be the length of the users forearm; the bone between elbow and wrist. Traditionally both ends are of equal length.. The ideal length for the connecting rope/chain can be calibrated for each individual by letting the rope hang over the wrist, with the sticks hanging comfortably pointing straight to the ground, but without giving more rope than is necessary for it to do so. Weight balance is extremely important, cheaper or gimmicky Nunchakus are often not properly balanced, which prevent the artist from doing the more advanced and flashier 'low-grip' moves, such as overhand twirls.  .

It is generally considered by martial artists to be a limited weapon: complex and difficult to wield, it lacks either the range of the bo (quarterstaff) or the edged advantage of a sword, and is prone to inflicting self-injury on the user. Used as self-defense weapons, and also for training and learning, Nunchakus were first bought to the attention of the western world when they were popularized by the immortal Bruce Lee. After Lee helped to propel this simple weapon into the spotlight, it went on to become a weapon of choice by many people, especially martial artists.

They were believed to have personalities emanating from the actual sticks themselves. Oriental tradition says that after you have practiced long enough and hard enough, the Nunchakus you use will take on some of your spirit and character. Your Nunchucks, it is believed, are becoming a part of you. But this is not an overnight process! It takes countless hours of practice and perfection to reach this point.